There many resources available to help you throughout your pregnancy. From Doulas, to Public Health Nurses and Social Workers, discover the labour support options you have in the South Okanagan.

Okanagan Doula & Childbirth Services

A doula is a trained professional who provides extra support for women and families during pregnancy, labour/birth and postpartum. They provide continuous emotional and physical support during labour and assist families with the transition of bringing a newborn home. 

Doulas do not provide medical care. They work along side Registered Midwives, Physicians Obstetricians & Nurses to ensure your physical, emotional and informational needs are met while your primary health care provider is responsible for all of your medical and clinical care.

Studies show that doula supported births are: 
28% less likely to have a caesarean section 
9%  less likely to need pain medication 
31% less likely to need synthetic oxytocin to augment labour
34% less likely to rate their childbirth experience negatively

Okanagan Doula & Childbirth Services is the premier doula & childbirth support practice in the Okanagan providing families many options for personalized prenatal/postpartum care and education. Support and in-home care is available for:

Okanagan Doulas' practice also provides:
•prenatal classes
•hospital tours
•TENS & birth pool rentals
•paediatric sleep support

They work closely with other health care providers, Public Health Nurses, Social Workers,  Registered Clinical Counsellors & other professionals in the community to provide families with resources and referrals.

Their team consists of Certified Birth and Postpartum Doulas, Certified Childbirth Educators, Registered Clinical Counsellors, Certified Yoga Instructors, Certified Sleep Educators & Registered Massage Therapists.

The BC Medical Services Plan does not cover doula services, though some extended health benefits, Aboriginal Bands & organizations do.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 250-460-2515


Wellness Garden Doula Collective.

The Wellness Garden Doula Collective is a heart-centred Birth Collective that serves to nurture Momma throughout the seasons of her pregnancy and her transition in to Motherhood, to empower her to make this a soulful transition, and provide her with a community of loving, supportive sisters so she may blossom as a Mother. The Wellness Garden is a safe, nurturing space for this growing community of women to gather and nourish one another throughout their journeys.

The Wellness Garden Collaborative offers holistic birth and postpartum services as well as a series of targeted workshops and sessions for women and their partners: yoga, reflexology, massage, women and mother nurture sessions.  These services are provided by trained and certified experts.

The BC Medical Services Plan does not cover doula services, though some extended health benefits, Aboriginal Bands & organizations do.

The Wellness Garden is located in Starlit Yoga
100 Nanaimo Avenue East,
Penticton, BC
Phone: 250-328-4107


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Perinatal Community Social Worker

Perinatal Community Social Worker


Pregnancy and parenting can be a wonderful experience. There can also be unexpected stressors physically and emotionally during this time in your life. The Perinatal Community Social Worker is a part of your Health Care team and works collaboratively with you and your Physician and/or Midwife to provide psycho-emotional and social support during your pregnancy and postpartum.

The Perinatal Social Worker can assist you in a number of ways including:

  • Adjustments with pregnancy & lifestyle changes
  • Stresses related to pregnancy
  • Relationship & family issues
  • Psycho-emotional/social issues (i.e. finances, transportation, support systems etc.)
  • Medically Complicated Pregnancy
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Mental Health issues
  • Depression & Anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Alcohol & Substance use during pregnancy
  • Advocacy and Support for Clients Involved with the Ministry for Children and Family Development
  • Adoption and Surrogacy
  • Pregnancy Options
  • Birth planning following a previous difficult birth, loss or stillbirth
  • Counselling for difficult or traumatic birth
  • Referral to community resources.

You can self-refer, or your maternity provider can make a referral to the social worker at any stage in your pregnancy. Women attending the South Okanagan Maternity clinic will meet with the social worker as part of their routine care. 

Shannon Taylor (MSW) is employed by Interior Health and her office is located in Penticton Regional Hospital. 

Office: 250-492-4000-ext 2870
Cell: 250-809-6201
Fax: 250-770-7579
Email:  [email protected]

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Public Health Nurses

Public Health Nurses

Public Health Nurses are available to provide one-on-one consultation for women after the birth of their baby and offer the following services:

  • After you get home from the hospital a nurse will call you to check how you and your baby are doing and answer any questions you may have.  If you have any concerns before the Public Health Nurse calls, please call HealthLink BC at 8-1-1, your Doctor or Midwife.
  • Provide one on one consultation for women experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding. For more information see YourHealth/HavingABaby/Bringing BabyHome/Pages/Breastfeeding.aspx

Your local contact information:
7 Days a Week, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Penticton and surrounding area: 250-770-3418


Penticton Health Centre
740 Carmi Avenue
Penticton, BC V2A 8P9

Phone: 250-770-3434
Fax: 250-770-3410

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

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La Leche League Canada


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, La Leche League Canada (LLLC)* is here to provide breastfeeding information, support and encouragement through every step of your parenting and breastfeeding journey: pregnancy; early days; challenges; joys and triumphs; and all the ages and stages right through to the weaning process.

You can connect with your local volunteer Leader any time by phone, email or Facebook message (see below). We also offer twice-monthly in-person get-togethers with other mothers in Penticton and Summerland. LLLC get-togethers are informal and friendly, facilitating peer-to-peer communication and support. Many women find that attending during pregnancy is very helpful. Babies are always welcome at LLLC gatherings, and partners too. All kinds of family structures are welcome at LLLC gatherings, and all ways of feeding your baby are supported.

If you would like more information about what happens at a meeting, you can view the Mothering through Breastfeeding video prepared by the LLLC-Halifax Chapter here. We look forward to seeing you at an LLL meeting!

*La Leche League Canada is a non-profit organization and a registered Canadian charity. LLLC accredited Leaders are experienced breastfeeding mothers and receive training and ongoing support from LLLC to provide up-to-date breastfeeding information. Leaders contribute their time, care and attention entirely on a volunteer basis – there is no cost to attend meetings or to ask for information at any time. 

Two Get-Togethers each Month
* Please note that times & locations may sometimes change, particularly in Penticton.
Please confirm meeting information by phone, email or FB message.

  3rd Tuesday PENTICTON 10:00 am–Noon
  3235 Skaha Lake Rd, The Concorde building
(an assisted living facility supporting inter-generational connection)

  4th Tuesday SUMMERLAND 6:00 pm–8:00 pm
  9533 Main St, Summerland Library, Summerland

Contact Information
Connect anytime with meeting or breastfeeding questions, concerns, etc.

Phone: Sandra  250-494-1894  
Email:  [email protected]
Facebook Page:

Because breastfeeding isn’t always easy, we’re here to help.

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Prenatal Education Classes - Okanagan College

The objective of Prenatal Classes is to allow the mother-to-be and her partner and/or support person to gain the essential knowledge of a healthy pregnancy, learn the practical skills so important to a positive childbirth experience, as well as receive valuable information on early care of the newborn. Our childbirth educators work in partnership with the client, health professionals and the community. As soon as pregnancy is confirmed, we encourage expectant women to enrol in the class that best suit them. Completion of the class should be approximately six weeks before your due date. Subsides may be available; please ask for details when registering.

Penticton Campus
583 Duncan Ave. West
Penticton, BC
V2A 8E1 

Administration Office hours 
Monday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Tuesday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed Saturdays and Sundays 


These prenatal classes are taught by Jessica ter Wolbeek, who also offers private prenatal classes to mothers or couples who prefer a one-on-one or smaller group approach.  
Contact: [email protected]

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